We try very hard to be transparent with all we do. Hopefully this can answer some of your frequently asked questions about Humble Beast Records.


Why does Humble Beast give away the music for free?

We get asked this question a lot and essentially there are many layers to the answer.  From the first conception of Humble Beast it was our intention to give away all our music for free.  The desire to “freely give” is deeply embedded in our DNA as a company.  First and foremost, God freely gave to us in Jesus Christ by dying for our sins.  We also believe that all our talents and resources are gifts given to us directly from God.  This inspires us to strive for excellence and generosity.  It is simply a response to God's love and grace in our lives.  We don't want any variables to hinder people from being able to benefit from the music and resources we create.  Rather than using media hype and marketing gimmicks in order to reach a larger audience, we determined that making our product available for free was the best way for us to be effective.


How does Humble Beast survive & make a living? 

We also get asked this question a lot and the answer is also very broad.  For the first two years of Humble Beast, the entire operation was volunteer-based and sacrificially paid for within our team.  We are blessed to still have many people who volunteer, intern and give of their time to make Humble Beast possible.  As the label continues to grow, some areas of revenue have been increasing as well.  Due to the generous support of many people around the world via our merchandising, concert bookings and donations, we are gradually getting closer to sustainability.  Your support helps us give more and give more often.


Is Humble Beast looking for new artists or producers? 

Every artist involved with Humble Beast has been chosen with much prayer and consideration.  In most cases we spend many years getting to know our artists before we begin releasing music together.  It is very important for us to keep our roster at a manageable size so we can serve each artist effectively.  It's about much more than creating and giving away free records.  We strive to develop deep personal relationships with our artists so we can assist them in cultivating their gifts and encourage each other in Christ-centered Gospel ministry.


How do I get added to the Humble Beast press servicing list?

Because all our releases are given away for free at www.humblebeast.com we do not currently offer press servicing.  There are two main reasons for this:

1.  Servicing press requires us to offer advance copies of our releases.  In doing this, many of our records would ended up getting leaked on the internet before we made them available at www.humblebeast.com.  We desire to build lasting relationships with our audience and with that desire we prefer that people download our records directly from our website rather than from leaks on blogs.

2. Each member of our staff wears many hats in order to keep up with the operations of Humble Beast.  As it stands, none of our staff has enough time to effectively facilitate press relationships – while at the same time attempting to prevent advance leaks.

Am I allowed to burn Humble Beast downloads onto a CD and give it away to my friends? →

Most certainly.  If you have a friend who is unable to download from HumbleBeast.com or if you simply want to share the music with someone who hasn't heard of us before then we fully encourage that.


Is Humble Beast a Christian company?

Humble Beast is a distinctively Christian-based company and everything we do is shaped by that distinction.  It is an honor for us to offer the various content we create to people who come from many different walks of life.  As a company, we are submitted to our local church and all our artists are members of local church congregations as well.

Am I allowed to use Humble Beast music for commercial usage(i.e. videos, documentaries, etc.)? →

Every situation regarding commercial usage is unique and requires a little bit of dialogue in order for us to give an appropriate answer.  If you are interested in using music from Humble Beast in one of your projects or productions then please contact info@humblebeast.com


Who does our photography?

Ashton Trujillo- ashton@humblebeast.com